Friday, January 18, 2013

52 Forms of Fungi || #1

This first installment of the 52 Forms of Fungi project makes me realized that I should add one more parameter to the guidelines: the fungi may or may not be fictional.  I bought this silver embroidery thread quite a while ago with the intent of knitting some little mushrooms with it for another project that you'll see very soon.  

Let's be honest, it's highly unlikely that metallic, silver fungi exists anywhere in nature other than maybe Rivendell (which is totally a real place..... totally..), but nonetheless, isn't it just so dang pretty?  These little pieces were the perfect start to this fun project, and I'm looking forward to sharing more!


  1. Do you write the patterns down as you make them? And as I'm writing this I'm realizing this is knitting and not crochet which would be my downfall...I'm not a knitter though I have tried learning once.

    1. Hi Misti,
      Yes, I usually jot down the pattern as I go along in case it ends up being something that I would like to replicate. You should give knitting another try! There are so many great resources out there for beginners. I've thought about doing some introductory videos, but haven't decided for sure

  2. Ooooh! Would you be willing to share your pattern?


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