Friday, October 11, 2013

Saprobia Prints

Momentum Tulsa is tomorrow!  Wow!  I've been sharing my work gradually as the project has progressed, and it's finally concluding.  

Now you can purchase prints of the phases of Saprobia in my online shop.  And if you use this link, you can get free shipping worldwide through this Sunday!

Thank you for your support throughout the duration of this project!  I am excited to see what comes next, and your support can contribute to my future works.  Check out the shop if you like--I would be honored for you to own some of my art!

Additional phases of Saprobia are posted in the shop, as well as previous installations.


  1. Hope the installation went very well, I'm looking forward to hearing about it! Really like the black walnut and turkey tail prints.

    1. Thanks! I will post some photos of the installation soon.


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