Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lots of December Action!

If you mosey on over to my Etsy shop, you'll notice that I've added some 5"x 7" and 8" x 10" prints to the mix!  "Why is she adding photos to the shop when prints are already up on Society 6", you ask?  Because these were printed for an art market this fall, I had some left, and since I had them printed myself there is way less overhead cost and thus these items are more affordable for you!  Yay!  I'm considering shutting down on Society 6 and switching completely back to doing the printing/packaging/shipping legwork myself via Etsy.  Just something I'm thinking about.  In any case, check out the shop if you're interested in photos of my fiber installations!

I'm finally feeling a little better about my Christmas shopping situation, since I was able to get out this morning and finish the majority of it.  With all of the snow last weekend, I barely left the house!  Now, wrapping... that's a different story!  I also made some apple cider caramels this afternoon from the Smitten Kitchen blog, and I have to be honest, I can't believe how easy they were to make!  If you've ever felt intimidated by homemade candy like I have, rest assured that there is still hope for you if you just follow the recipe and make sure you have all of your supplies ready to go before beginning the process.  These little guys taste REALLY good.  

Tonight J and I are making some spiked cider on the stove and watching Christmas Vacation, our ultimate holiday movie tradition.  A fire in the new (functional!) fireplace would have been nice, but we couldn't get someone booked to sweep the chimney until the middle of next week.  That at least leaves a few days of fires before Christmas.  :)  I hope you get to celebrate some of your holiday traditions this weekend too!  I'm off to get some of that gift wrapping done...


  1. I'm a crocheter and I made my first mushroom recently. I'm completely inspired by your creations! Such fun!

    1. Hi Michele,

      Thanks so much! I would love to see your creations sometime!


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