Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow and Socks

Has winter been ridiculously miserable everywhere this year?  We've had so much frozen rain and snow, and it's been extremely cold.  That said, it's been too unpleasant to get out much so I've been knitting A LOT.  Mostly on knit wear.  Socks, more specifically.  This year I vow to knit at least a few pairs of socks all the way through without dropping the project for several months before picking it up again.  The Halloween socks I started back in October lay neglected until a couple of weeks ago when I finally got over my "second sock syndrome" and finished them.  I'm working on a wintry/Valentine's Day pair now, and Knit Picks must have heard about my socks kick because they discontinued all of their Felici color ways.. so of course I had to go and order yarn in the ones I've had my eye on.

However, news!  I'm in the planning stages of a couple of big projects, and also have some knitwear pieces to shoot photos of and post soon.  Plus, this weekend I will be painting my studio!  I'm really excited to get everything set up in there so I can really get to work.  I hope it's warm in your neck of the woods -- spring is on the horizon.

Top left: socks knit in Knit Picks Felici, pattern: Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation by Cookie A
Top right: the Lisa Hoke installation, "Come on Down" at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Bottom left: working on Hermione's Everyday Socks in foxglove Knit Picks Felici, flipping through Emma Robertson's         
               new book, Knitting By Design.  Beautiful styling and photography.
Bottom right: a frozen pond at Martin Nature Park.  It's beautiful there in the winter.


  1. It has been a miserable winter. About five years ago or so I saw some really awesome candy corn patterned knitted socks on Etsy. I regret not buying them now, because I've wanted them ever since. I think I'd only take up knitting just to make socks.

    1. It definitely has. Socks are such a utilitarian benefit of knitting. I haven't quite gotten to where I work on them consistently, but it just feels really good wearing your handmade socks around all day! It's different from accessories like cowls… I guess because they're more necessary? I'm not sure if I can really explain it.


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