Friday, April 25, 2014

Niche / 52 Forms of Fungi || #27

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  1. The Fungus kingdom is so overlooked and yet has such a big impact on humans from food rotting to food production to disease to well everything. I love your taking the fruiting form and rendering it in yarn.
    We have a home in Tulsa with a HUGE oak in the backyard which about 10 years ago when we bought the house was doing very poorly. Hired an arborist and when he started talking root treatments with myccorhizae, I was "Yes, I get it. I'm a biologist." (Therefore not a hard sell.) But it also told me the guy knew his business. Tree has recovered fantastically!
    I wish I could have visited your installation in place, but due to work I'm not home in OK this spring. I look forward to your pictures. Helen

    1. Very true, just like everything else in the environment it plays a very crucial role! I'm glad you were able to improve the health of your tree. If you haven't covered the area within the tree's drip line with mulch yet I would definitely recommend that too. It mimics the natural forest floor and is endlessly beneficial for trees, especially those that are struggling. Thanks for your comments!


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